As a software developer or a data analyst, you will be the creative spirit behind the computer program and you can design and develop systems to reflect end-user needs. Thus, you are required to show your expertise with the appropriate qualifications.

Here, at Axivon Academy, we compiled a sophisticated range of training programs covering the software and cloud development, software testing, data analytics as well as web development and design.

With courses covering a variety of programming languages, software development platforms, and frameworks, you will learn to plan and deliver information technology solutions on time and within budget. Moreover, you get a chance to interact with a detailed training curriculum especially development and testing as well as project management.

Why Us

A team of experts to fulfill your training needs

We have assembled a highly experienced team of professionals to make you aware of software industry practices. They leave no stone unturned to impart the hands-on expertise to the students.

Handpicked industry expert trainers

We are rather selective of our staff because they are recruited from the industry based on professional expertise. Their experience is our ultimate asset in training the future workforce.

Flexibility at every level

We believe in the flexible way of training, as every candidate has the right to learn at their ease to get the highest from a course. We never compromise with our quality.

Best curriculum to help you gain the edge

We have complied with the latest curriculum for your needs to be industry-ready. Our trainers believe in imparting the knowledge that takes you from novice to expert.


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