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What is Android App Development ?

Android app development is a software-based creation process that focuses on coding. Here applications are developed which are compatible with the Android operating system (OS). By accessing the Android software development kit (SDK), developers create Android applications. This kit comprises Kotlin, C++, and Java programming languages. The Android software development kit (SDK) develops the data and resource files and converts them into APK files. When the application is functioning appropriately, it is released or delivered. Developers can deliver the apps on the Google Play Store, and users can download them. Doesn’t developing Android apps sound exciting? Axivon academy is offering a well-comprehensive Android app development course for all the interested folks. It’s the right time to master Android app development with Kotlin and other programming languages using Android studio, Visual Studio and other tools.

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Why to enrol in Android App Development training at AXIVON ACADEMY?

• Over 2.5 billion Android users are already active on this planet; Android offers numerous career opportunities for developers. • As Android applications are not only limited to smartphones, developers get easy access to cloud-connected computing. • You’ll learn about the Android Studio IDE, developing implicit and explicit intents, using LiveData, and ViewModel. • After this course, you’ll polish the coding skills that help you develop compelling apps for smartphone and tablet users. • At Avixon academy, we encourage pupils to complete the course and evaluate their strengths and weaknesses. Learners get the opportunity to understand the challenges associated with application development and apply their skills to the projects. If you’re interested in learning to develop applications, we recommend learning the fundamentals of coding and programming languages. You can also check out our other courses based on programming languages. All the interested folks can get in touch with Axivon Academy and book the slot for this course.

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