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What is Application Security ?

Application security is like the enemy of hackers. Securing your application or website with SSL certificates isn’t enough; you need to think out of the box. Application security is all about protecting the crucial data and components of your application or websites. The application security primary objective is to protect the internet and systems from software crashes, lags, bugs, and unauthorized access. Application security is one of the popular elements in the IT industry. Those days are gone when companies were not having their official portals. In simpler words, as the number of websites will increase, web application security professionals will be in hot demand. So are you interested in becoming a application security professional? If yes, you should look no further than the application security course provided by Axivon academy, from understanding the fundamentals of application security to its importance in every industry.

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Why to enrol in Application Security training at AXIVON ACADEMY?

• Our application security course is designed by IT professionals having decades of experience in securing applications or websites. Our experienced instructors will give you a brief overview of applications, how to protect them, and the drawbacks. • As soon as you purchase this course, you’re introduced to application security and its significance in different industries. You’ll also come across the vulnerabilities associated with applications and portals. • Above all, you’ll learn the flaws of applications and websites and the best application security practices. Our instructors will also explain the application security scanners and OWASP concepts. Application security professionals are always in hot demand in all sectors. While pursuing this course, you’ll also grab some important skills like problem-solving and critical thinking. Axivon Academy is running special offers on all the courses; book your slot at the earliest

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