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What is Azure ?

Microsoft Azure is one of the prime cloud computing platforms of Microsoft. By using Microsoft Azure, organizations have the freedom to acquire ‘’Platform as a Service (PaaS), ‘’Software as a Service Solutions (SaaS),’’ and ‘’Infrastructure as a service (IaaS). Organizations are also using Microsoft Azure for building and testing their applications and acquiring primary resources like virtual computing and virtual analytics. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the leading competitor of Microsoft Azure; both are beneficial for different purposes. Azure is advantageous for organizations relying on Microsoft operating systems and applications like Office 365. So are you interested in becoming an Azure Cloud Architect? With our online Microsoft Azure course, you can master the Azure infrastructure by learning Azure Cloud Architect Technology Solutions and Azure Security. Our experts will also teach how to build, test, and deploy applications using Microsoft Azure.

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Why to enrol in Azure training at AXIVON ACADEMY?

• Microsoft Azure is quite flexible and easy to understand than Amazon Web Services (AWS). You can learn and understand the fundamentals of complex topics like Azure AD, Cosmos DB, and Serverless. In simpler words, pupils will get a perfect start to Microsoft Azure. • Having an Azure certification under your belt is like the perfect power-up for your resume. It opens the door to the cloud world and other fundamentals. You’re all set for beginning your Microsoft Azure journey. • Pupils get access to the updated libraries of the Azure courses. We have recently updated the curriculum of our Azure course with the latest mock tests and prep sessions. You’ll get access to hands-on projects, and our instructors will keep you motivated towards this Azure course. Contact Avixon Academy today and book your seat for the Microsoft Azure online course!

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