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What is SQL Server ?

Microsoft SQL Server is the prime database of Microsoft that collects, stores, shares, and retrieves data when requested by other applications. Microsoft SQL server is actually the biggest competitor of Oracle Database that works superbly on all the operating systems. Microsoft SQL Server supports (Structured Query Language) ANSI SQL programming language. Nevertheless, for the day-to-day tasks, SQL Servers uses the T-SQL language. T-SQL (Transact-SQL) is the proprietary language of Microsoft. This language allows your SQL server to gather the stored information and declare the exact variables. Do you feel that Microsoft SQL Server is your cup of tea? If yes, then you should enroll in the newly launched Microsoft SQL Server course by Axivon Academy. This is a well-comprehensive course developed by Microsoft SQL Server experts where you’ll learn almost everything about SQL servers. Whether you’ll SQL Server for Artificial Intelligence or Data Science, our instructors will cover everything for you.

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Why to enrol in SQL Server training at AXIVON ACADEMY?

• Through this course, you’ll learn an industry-relevant skill that will undoubtedly make your CV stand out from the crowd. • Our instructors will teach you how to make the best use of Microsoft SQL Server and installing, building, and designing databases. With our one-on-one training pattern, it becomes easier for the pupils to understand database administration, develop indexes, and restore the databases. • We have kept the learning sessions short and crisp for allowing the pupils to understand SQL queries, commands, syntax, and NYU Program. Doubt-clearing sessions are available at the weekend for all the learners. Learning Microsoft SQL Server makes you one of the most demanding professionals in this competitive world. The majority of companies use cloud and relational databases and always hunt people with exceptional SQL skills. So master the art of using Microsoft SQL Server by joining the Axivon Academy!

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